Leopard attacks 11 in Bengal, India

19 September 2011, 21:05

The newest leopard attack in India's West Bengal's Darjeeling district once more shed unfortunate light on a species that may soon qualify for the vulnerable status according to IUCN standards.

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Why leopards kill

22 July 2011, 18:29


In the continuing saga of man versus beast, the latest chapter occurred on Tuesday, 20 July 2011, in a small but densely populated village in West Bengal, India.

Since January, there have been at least three widely publicized reports of leopard attacks. In each case, the animal apparently escaped from a national park or refuge. In each case several people were injured. And in each case the leopard was killed.

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Is Godaddy´s Bob Parson a killer ?

2 April 2011, 17:20

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